Shape your future in Bulgaria, Europe

Bulgaria, a European Union member since January 2007, provides a distinctive educational experience that blends standard teaching methods with modern methods. Several respectable colleges in the nation offer a variety of academic programs that meet a wide range of interests and career goals.

Study in Europe

Bulgaria has a well-established higher education system that values academic success. Sixty-three public and private universities provide graduate and undergraduate degrees in various subjects. Sofia University, Varna University, and European Polytechnical University are among the best universities in Bulgaria.

Academic Programs at European Polytechnical University
Bachelor Programs:
  • Civil Engineering
  • Applied Computer Science
  • Green Energetics
Master Programs:
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Renovation of Buildings, Facilities, and Cultural Monuments
  • Biofuels
  • Hydrogen Technologies
  • Solar Energetics
  • Wind Energetics
  • Personal Data Security
  • Information Technology Management
  • Information Security
Academic Programs in Varna University of Management
Bachelor’s Programs:
  • Software Engineering
  • International Hospitality Management
  • Business Administration (with Pathways)
  • International Business Management
Master’s Programs:
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of International Business Tourism
PhD Program:
  • PhD in Tourism
Cost of Education

Study in Europe can be expensive, but Bulgaria’s cost of living and education are reasonable compared to other European countries. The tuition fee is lower than in Western Europe, which is why international students prefer to study in Bulgaria. It has become an affordable option for students with quality education.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Universities in Bulgaria offer diverse scholarships and financial aid programs to support international and national students. These scholarships help students afford studies, the cost of living, and other expenses.

Student Life

Bulgaria is an exciting place to study in Europe since it uniquely combines modern facilities and traditional culture. While pursuing their academic goals, students can take advantage of the breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and healthy cultural environment.


International students find Bulgaria appealing due to its distinctive education system, which blends tradition and innovation, affordable tuition fees, a multilingual atmosphere, and a flourishing student life. If you want to study in Europe, Bulgaria, then contact Canadian Educational Consultants. We have affiliations with different universities in Bulgaria. 

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