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Canadian Educational Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. is the “Master Recruitment Representative for Pakistan” appointed by Canadian Professional Education Centre Ltd. (CanPEC), Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria, an authorized Recruitment Representative of Varna University of Management, Varna/Dobrich, Bulgaria.

All admissions from Pakistan are accepted through CanPEC by Varna University of Management, Varna / Dobrich, Republic of Bulgaria.

The Recruitment Representative status of CanPEC can be checked by the clients on the following link of Varna University of Management:

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(CanPEC name placed at Sr. No. 61)

Canadian Educational Consultants (CE Consultants) will fully assist international students in securing admission in Varna University of Management, Dobrich Campus or Varna Campus, Bulgaria. CE Consultants will extend support to the international students in the following major areas:

In the cities of Sofia, Varna, and Dobrich, Bulgaria:

  • Admission in Varna University of Management (VUM), Varna or Dobrich Campus, Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Documents Translation, Legalization, and Notarization Service.
  • Registration for Seat Reservation.
  • International student’s Admission Application filling and follow up with VUM and the concerned Bulgarian Ministries and Departments.
  • Assisting international students in immigration processes upon arrival in Bulgaria.
  • Arranging cost effective housing and accommodation options before student’s arrival.

In Pakistan:

  • Registration of Reservation of Seat.
  • Advising and organizing the admission documents from students.
  • Sending documents to Bulgaria for translation, legalization, and notarization.
  • Coordination and liaison with VUM’s authorized Recruitment Representative, CanPEC, for timely completion of processes and admission requirements.
  • Preparing file to be submitted for issuance of D-Visa to the international students by the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Islamabad, Pakistan.


After completing the degree from VUM, the international students are offered opportunity by the Bulgarian government to avail Work Permit by following below mentioned major steps. This is a unique opportunity to gain European Union work experience:

  • The international students must submit a request to issue “Work Permit for 09 Months” to the Local Labor Office within “07 Days from the Official Graduation Date”.
  • To take advantage of this procedure, it is strongly recommended that a document indicating the official graduation date must be obtained within 03/04 Days by the international students from the Student Affairs Office of VUM to give international student extra time to complete requirements and apply for work permit at Local Labor Office.
  • If the international student’s case and documents are complete and required charges are paid, the Local Labor Office issues Work Permit for 09 Months to the international students to search and get employed on a full time job in Bulgaria.
  • If for any reason the international students fail to submit the request at the Local Labor Office within the specified time period of 07 Days from the Official Graduation Date, it will result in ineligibility of the international students to apply for this opportunity and international students will be required to leave Bulgaria.
  • During the “09 Months Work Permit Period” the international students shall search for a full time job with an employer willing to apply for “Work Permit on international student’s behalf”.
  • If the international students are unable to find an employer in the 09 Months Work Permit Period, they will be required to leave the country on expiry of this period.
  • The international students are strongly advised to keep on searching and developing professional relations with potential employers during their stay in Bulgaria to avail this opportunity at the end of their program.

Admission Process: Varna University of Management (VUM) – Varna Campus, Bulgaria


1:  Master of Business Administration (MBA) – 3 Semesters

2:  Master of International Tourism – 3 Semesters

Step 1: Admission Eligibility – Masters Programs

To start the admission process, the international students are required to provide following documents to CE Consultants for assessment of eligibility for admission in the desired program:

  1. Scanned copy of filled Application Form.
  2. Scanned copy of Passport.
  3. Scanned copy of Undergraduate Degree (Minimum 50% Grades percentage).
  4. Scanned copy of Undergraduate Grades Transcript.
  5. Scanned copy of Intermediate/A Levels Certificates.
  6. Scanned copy of Marks Sheets/Grades Transcript.
  7. TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, PTE or equivalent English Language Test – Preferred but not a must.
  8. Two letters of recommendation (in English, containing recommendations from the teacher and / or employer, contacts, signature and seal of the recommender).
  9. Curriculum Vitae in English.
  10. Cover letter, addressed to Varna University of Management and Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.
  11. Declaration Form of Personal Data Collection (To be provided by CE Consultants).

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Minimum 50% or higher grades in university undergraduate degree.
  • English Language Requirements: Internationally recognized English Language Certificate (TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, PTE, CAE, etc.) OR Sit for an English Language Test by VUM.
  • At least IELTS 4.5 (or equivalent score from another internationally recognized testing system).
  • English Language Test Exemption: The international students whose mother tongue is English or whose language of instruction in school was English (and are able to provide proof of that), there is a possibility to be exempted from the English language test. In some cases, the interviewing commission may decide for certain candidates to undergo an Online English Exam, although they possess an English Language Certificate or other proof of English proficiency.

Step 2: On confirmation of international student’s eligibility from CanPEC, the parents and international student shall be required to sign a standard Contract to Hire Consultants Services along with payment of CE Consultants Services Fee. 

Step 3: Interview and English Exam

  • On acceptance of initial admission criteria, an online interview will be scheduled for the time and date suitable for both sides. VUM Admission interview is Compulsory.
  • After the interview, those who do not possess an internationally recognized English language certificate, undertake an Online English Exam by VUM. The minimum required result of VUM exam for acceptance in a Master’s Program is 60% (First Division).

Step 4: Registration of Seat Reservation for International Student

On passing the test and selection of international student in VUM, the international student’s seat shall be reserved and registered in the selected Master’s Program subject to the availability of seat.

The international student shall be required to transmit Euros 500/- (Euros Five Hundred only) as Registration Fee for Seat Reservation to the provided bank account of CanPEC. The Registration Fee shall be Non-Refundable once seat is reserved for a particular international student.

Step 5: Translation, Apostilles, Certifications and Attestations

CanPEC, on behalf of CE Consultants and international student, will manage all the required documents of international students to be translated by a licensed translation agency in Bulgaria. The translation will also be legalized by a Public Notary as per the acceptable and approved standards of Bulgarian government’s departments and VUM.

The charges for document’s Translation and Legalization by a Public Notary in Bulgaria shall be Euros 250/- (Euros Two Hundred and Fifty only) and shall be Non-Refundable. The amount shall be directly transmitted by international student to the provided bank account of CanPEC, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Step 6: Admission Documents (Translated) for Approval of Ministry of Education, Bulgaria

  1. VUM Application Form: Duly completed, printed, and signed by student.
  2. Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK Application Form: Duly completed, printed, and signed by student.
  3. Pictures: 4 Passport Size Pictures with name and date of birth written at the back.
  4. Undergraduate Degree: Translated and Notarized Copies of Degree.
  5. Transcript of Grades: Translated and Notarized Copies
  6. School Certificates: Translated and Notarized Copies of Certificates.
  7. Mark Sheets / Transcript with the Grades: Translated and Notarized Copies.
  8. An Eligibility Letter: A document stating that the international student has the right to continue education in any college or university in the other country. It could be issued by the college, university or concerned department of Ministry of Education. Translated and Notarized.
  9. Original Health Certificate: Stating that the international student is healthy and can travel. Translated and Notarized


  1. Before the completion of Step 6, the student shall be required to pay all the charges and Annual Tuition Fee as per the Certificate of Admission and Invoices.
  2. The time required to obtain Certificate of Recognition from Regional Department of Education and Approval Certificate of Ministry of Education, Bulgaria shall be 40 to 60 days.

Step 7: Certificate of Admission and Accommodation

After seat registration, CE Consultants shall inform about the time/date of payment of Application Fee charges, the international student shall receive following documents from VUM for further processing of admission:

  • Certificate of Admission.
  • Invoice containing information about the fees, terms of payment and full VUM bank account details.
  • Admission Offer containing information about rules, regulations, fees, etc. This document should be duly signed by the international student and original document returned to the admission office.
  • Application Form for Accommodation to reserve place in VUM Dormitory. The required charges shall be paid as per invoice.

The Application Fee of Euros 100/- (Euros One Hundred only) must be transferred to the VUM bank account for issuance of above documents from VUM. The Application Fee is Non-Refundable.

Annual Tuition Fee is REFUNDABLE if, for any reason, the International Student’s D-Visa is declined by the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Payment of Advance Annual Tuition Fee and other charges for the First Year.

From 3rd Semester onwards the fee shall be charged semester wise.

Step 8: D-Visa Application to Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Islamabad, Pakistan

The D-Visa Application must be submitted not earlier than THREE MONTHS before the date of travel. An interview at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria is required for D-Visa.

The sole authority to issue a D-Visa or decline the case rests with the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Islamabad having no liability whatsoever towards VUM, CanPEC or CE Consultants.

The applicant will submit All Original Documents with TWO Copies required with the D-Visa Application:

  • Completely filled D-Visa Form
  • Passport with blank pages
  • Recent colored passport size photographs with name and date of birth written at the back
  • Travel History: If travelled abroad, copies of visas issued by other countries with copies of passport pages with entry and exit stamps.
  • Certificate of Admission from VUM
  • Accommodation Letter from VUM
  • Approval Certificate from the Ministry of Education, Bulgaria
  • Bank Statement of Last Six Months of parents providing financial support to the international student
  • Affidavit from the parents providing financial support till completion of program
  • Proof of other cashable investments, salable properties on own name, national savings schemes investments, shares, etc. to show affordability and financial strength of parents.
  • Police Certificate
  • Health Insurance
  • Any other document or information needed by the Embassy for the D-Visa

Step 9: Arrival in Bulgaria

Upon arrival in Bulgaria, the international student will have to register at the Migration office. The documents needed for the procedure are:

  • Student’s Passport.
  • Bulgarian D-Visa.
  • Confirmation of student status- issued by VUM.
  • Confirmation of Address Registration by VUM, if student has reserved place in the VUM
  • Original Notarized Rental Contract, if student has arranged residence outside the VUM
  • Health insurance: Copy and original.
  • Police Certificate translated and legalized by the Public Notary in Bulgaria.
  • Notarized Declaration by international student and father stating availability of funds throughout the whole period of education in Bulgaria.



Notes: – Fees and charges are subject to change without prior notice. – On admission, the Advance First Year Fee shall be deposited. From 3rd Semester onwards, fee shall be paid Semester wise. – Program will be taught in English Language at Varna University of Management Campuses. – In case D-Visa for international student is declined by the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Islamabad, the paid Annual Tuition Fee shall be refunded by VUM after deducting nominal charges, if any.

Application Forms (Sample Form for information only)​

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