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Canadian Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd. specializes in preparation of clients cases for submission under the “Canadian Minor Study Permit Scheme” introduced by the Canadian Government. In this Canadian Visa Option, the Parents are also issued Visit Visa to accompany their Minor Children to Canada.

The Minor Study Permit Scheme facilitates young parents, having children between ages 6 to under 18 years, desiring to move quickly to Canada while maintaining continuation of their minor children education.

To find out more about Minor Study Permit details, please visit Canadian government official IRCC website:

This special Minor Study Permit Scheme has been introduced to allow minors to continue their education with minimum break. Keeping in view the importance of time, processing of acceptable Minor Study Permit case is completed “Within 4 Months” from submission to issuance of Minor Study Permit and Parents Visit Visa by the Canadian High Commission, Pakistan.

This is an excellent opportunity and quickest option for young parents who wish to provide their siblings with a world class education leading them to pursue their dreams of higher education in top universities with bright future prospects in the developed world.

The Minor Study Permit primarily requires admission of minor applicant under 18 years in a Canadian primary or secondary educational institution. The requirement of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is also not required under the Minor Study Permit.

Canadian Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has been nominated as a “Master Representative for Pakistan” by Beacon House International College (BHIC), Mississauga, Ontario, Canada for admissions and preparation of Minor Study Permit cases of international students under 18 years.

Click here to visit Beacon House International College, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada website.

Canadian Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was one of the “Gold Sponsors” of Education Expo–23 organized nationwide by The NEWS & Jang Group in June & July, 2023.

The Education Expo-23 was widely promoted on national and international media and was visited by huge number of parents and students to obtain knowledge and information from various universities, institutes, colleges, companies, and firms gathered under one roof.

Numerous prospecting parents visited Canadian Educational Consultants stalls in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar and discussed the prospects of utilizing the Minor Study Permit option to move to Canada. 

The team of our consultants thoroughly briefed all the visiting prospecting parents on the process, documents, financial requirements, and future prospects for children and parents in Canada. A large number of parents also registered themselves to further discuss this option after exhibition.

After the Education Expo, Canadian Educational Consultants also initiated a series of “Open House Sessions”.

During the Open House Sessions, interested parents were thoroughly briefed on all the aspects of Minor Study Permit Scheme. The team of consultants provided detailed and relevant information and answered all queries, concerns, and questions raised by participants during the sessions. Canadian Educational Consultants also registered parents willing to apply for the Minor Study Permit and their Visit Visa. In order to proceed and start preparing the Minor Study Permit case, interested parents were advised to organize and arrange their documents and financial arrangements.

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