Minor Study Permit
Canadian Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd provides assistance to get enrolled in the top ranked universities in Maritime Province, Canada
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Study In European Union
We are representatives of CanPEC in Pakistan to assist Aspirants to get higher studies in European Union countries.
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Study in Canada, Maritimes Provinces
The Canadian Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd Provides Education Placement & Guidance in the Maritimes Provinces, Canada
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(For 6 to under 18 Years)

Within 4 MONTHS

What is Minor Study Permit?

This special Minor Study Permit Scheme has been introduced by Canadian Government to allow Minor Children from ages 6 years to under 18 years to take admission in Canadian Primary and Secondary Schools to continue their education.

Who Are Minors?

Children under the age of 18 years are legally treated as โ€œMINORSโ€.

Our Services

Minor Schooling Visa, Ontario, Canada

Minor schooling visa, ontario canada

We will assist and guide you in obtaining the minor schooling visa for your children.

Requirements here:

Study in European Union

We will provide you with the ultimate guide to enrolling in leading universities in Bulgaria, European Union.

Post Secondary Studies in Canada

We will assist you in getting enrolled in universities in Maritimes Province, Canada.

Our Affiliations

European Polytechnical University
We are affiliated with European Polytechnical University, Pernik, Bulgaria
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Varna University of Management
We are affiliated with the Varna University of Management, Bulgaria
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Varna Free University
We are affiliated with the VFU Varna Free University, Bulgaria
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