Can Parents Apply for a Canadian Minor Schooling Visa?

Canada is one of the best countries in the world for educational purposes. Canada has the best universities, colleges, and primary and secondary schools that deliver one of the best educations to your children and prepare them for their future in the dynamic and competitive international markets.

You are wondering if there is any way possible for your minor child to go to Canada for studies. YES! There is now a way, through which your minor child can go to Canada and you can also go along.

What is a Canadian Schooling Visa?

Canadian Schooling Visa is officially called a Minor’s Study Permit, However, some consultants also use the term Minor Schooling Visa or Canadian Schooling Visa to promote their services. In Canada, there is no specific visa for parents to accompany their children during their studies, especially with the students admitted for undergraduate or master’s degree programs. However, there is now an alternative option available.

We will guide you through the process.

Provinces in Canada that consider children under 18 years as Minors.

After the research about minors in Canada, according to reference the provinces that consider under 18 years old Children as Minors are given below.

  1. Ontario
  2. Alberta
  3. Prince Edward Island
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Manitoba
  6. Quebec
Requirements for applying Minor schooling visa

A Letter of Acceptance from the school is necessary for a Minor Study Permit in Canada. This letter will be sent from the educational institute where you applied for admission of your child. If Minor child’s parents or one of them is a Canadian resident, then this letter is not needed for the process.

If the parents can’t go with their child for their studies, then a custodian is required to accompany the child. Minor children studying alone in Canada must have a Canadian, like a family member or friend who is a citizen or permanent resident, responsible for their care during their education in the country. There are independent custodians available also who take care of your minor child against some monthly payment.

Necessary Documents for Applying for Minor’s Study Permit

When applying for a Study Permit in Canada in 2024, you need all the documents that will be required when you apply for your child’s educational/schooling visa for Canada including all educational documents, your financial statement, medical statements, passports of your Minor, and yours, if you are nominating a guardian then some additional documents will be required.

For detailed information on the process, you can get in touch with Canadian Educational Consultants at the following contacts:  or call at: (+92) 335 2262328 | (+92) 336 2262321

Financial Requirements

Those who want to apply for a Minor Study Permit in 2024 along with one or both parents, should have enough funds to support their minor’s studies in Canada. Canadian Educational Consultants will guide you on the financial requirements before and after the issuance of the Study Permit and parents’ Visit Visa.

You have to show your financial strength through different documents for supporting your Minor’s study in Canada. Financial requirements for a Study Permit in Canada include all the expenses that you will be bearing for your child’s studies in Canada, your living expenses, tuition fees, air travel, visa processing fees, etc. For further details, you can seek help from Canadian Educational Consultant online and book your appointment for a personal meeting.

How many years your child can stay on Study Permit in Canada?

According to ( it depends upon the education of your child. How many years your child needs to complete their education their stay directly depends upon it.

The Study Permit is issued for one year and then it is renewed every year throughout their studies, plus an additional 90 days after they finish their studies. The extra 90 days are called the ‘grace period’ and allow the student to prepare to leave Canada. Note that these durations may change based on the circumstances of your Minor’s Case and Canadian government policies.

Seek detailed consultation from the Canadian Educational Consultant for Canadian Study Permit.

If you are thinking or planning to apply to Canada for your minor’s Study Permit for the year 2024 along with you from Pakistan, Canadian Educational Consultant’s ( team is here to help you to go to Canada for your child’s education, they will guide you step by step about all visa requirements, documentation, etc. Contact a Canadian educational consultant for a Minor’s Study Permit from Pakistan. 

Book an appointment or call at: (+92) 335 2262328 | (+92) 336 2262321. 

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